My Position on RECA

Tragically, under the banner of national security, the U.S. government exposed Utahns and Americans to radioactive uranium ore and radioactive dust – subjecting them to lung cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Twenty years ago, former Utah Senator Orrin Hatch championed the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) to make sure the sacrifices of our state’s downwinders and their families are never forgotten.

Radiation exposure caused by the U.S. atomic weapon development program forever destroyed lives and livelihoods in Utah and throughout the West. It has been over twenty years since any meaningful reform to RECA – now is the time for the federal government to renew its support and right these wrongs. 

In Congress, Congressman Burgess Owens championed the RECA Extension Act of 2022, led by Senator Mike Lee in the Senate, to extend the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act program for an additional two years. The bipartisan, bicameral bill passed the House in May 2022. 

Congressman Burgess Owens was also proud to lead the bipartisan Radiation Exposure Compensation Act Amendments of 2021 and looks forward to delivering downwinders the support they deserve.

RECA Updates

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