Antitrust & Big Tech

My Position on Antitrust & Big Tech

For far too long, Big Tech has consistently restricted the choices of consumers in Utah and across the nation by unfairly hindering free-market competition. There is a strong, bipartisan push to update our nation’s antitrust laws, and Congressman Burgess Owens is pleased to report that lawmakers are gaining significant traction to take on Big Tech’s anti-competitive, monopolistic behaviors.

Congressman Burgess Owens is a proud member of the Freedom From Big Tech Caucus, and our mission is simple: Reform antitrust laws, end censorship, protect children, crack down on China, support competition, and strengthen privacy rights. It’s past time for Congress to help states reclaim their right to enforce federal antitrust laws against Big Tech and its unchecked growing power.

Antitrust & Big Tech Updates

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