Owens Introduces Legislation to Combat Critical Race Theory

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Rep. Burgess Owens (UT-04) introduced two pieces of legislation in response to the Biden Administration’s proposal to fund education programs informed by Critical Race Theory (CRT).

The paired legislation, which includes a bill that would restrict the teaching of Critical Race Theory within federal institutions and a resolution that highlights the dangers of teaching CRT in U.S. schools, underlines the systemic racism and damaging philosophy within this prejudicial ideological tool.

Upon introduction, Rep. Owens said:

“I grew up attending segregated schools in the Jim Crow South during a time when people were treated differently based on the color of their skin. Critical Race Theory preserves this way of thinking and undermines civil rights, constitutionally guaranteed equal protection before the law, and U.S. institutions at large. This is the United States of America, and no one should ever be subjected to the discrimination that our laws so clearly prohibit.”

RSC Chairman Banks said:

“Teaching students to be ashamed of our country and to judge each other based on their race is wrong and divisive. It’s terrifying how quickly the left abandoned its commitment to equal treatment under the law. The White House must stop promoting discrimination based on skin color. I am proud to support Rep. Burgess Owens in his important efforts today.”

Rep. Allen said:

“Critical Race Theory aims to indoctrinate Americans into believing our nation is inherently evil, and there is absolutely no room for this divisive ideology in our workplaces or classrooms. I thank Rep. Owens for leading this effort.”

Rep. Good said:

“Left-wing radicals on school boards across the country are poisoning our children with Critical Race Theory. Even worse, this racist filth is being encouraged by the Biden Administration and their Teacher’s Union allies. I’m proud to join my Republican colleagues in condemning this dangerous and divisive ideology.”

Rep. Harshbarger said:

“Critical Race Theory has absolutely no place in our society. This anti-American revisionist history is indoctrinating our children and furthering divisions in our society. I’m proud to join my colleague Congressman Owens in fighting against this radical and dangerous ideology.”

Rep. Donalds said:

“Critical Race Theory is a warped ideology that seeks to divide Americans and relitigate the sins of the past by pinning White Americans against Black Americans, which is counterproductive and doesn’t belong anywhere near our children. America’s history regarding race is troublesome and deserves the proper attention, but we cannot allow for the degradation of American values and culture through so-called equity training. In the 21st century, we must teach and learn from our history and swear never to repeat it, but we cannot use our past to divide us, which Critical Race Theory will undoubtedly do.”

Rep. Stewart said:

“America’s educational system does not exist to rewrite history through the lens of wokeness. Our country is the greatest force for good in human history. Critical Race Theory teaches our kids otherwise and only serves to divide us. Young Americans deserve a full understanding of America’s history – falls, triumphs, and all – so that we can continue making progress.”

Rep. Roy said:

“Critical Race Theory, like all its racist derivations, is a direct affront to our core values as Americans. No one in America — be they students, servicemen and women, government employees, or anyone — should be indoctrinated to hate our country, its founding, or our fellow citizens. Worse yet is the continued effort to ‘divvy us up by race’ and perpetuate the lie that we should be treated differently by virtue of our skin color. This racist ideology must be opposed with all our might.”

Rep. Buck said:

“Critical Race Theory is dangerous, anti-American, and has no place in our nation’s schools,” said Rep. Ken Buck. “School curriculum is incredibly important to a child’s development and greatly influences the type of adult they will become. Children shouldn’t be taught that they will be treated differently and have less opportunities because of the color of their skin. They should be taught the founding principles of our nation contained in the Constitution – that everyone is created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.”

Rep. Bishop said:

“Critical Race Theory is a divisive ideology that has no place in America’s schools or institutions. It is especially important to safeguard our children’s future from such hateful indoctrination, and I applaud Rep. Owens’ leadership in this fight.”

Rep. Brooks said:

“Critical Race Theory is based on Marxism, an evil plague that threatens freedom and liberty! Marxism stokes division by fanning the flames of class, race, and gender resentment. Critical Race Theory was dreamt up by Marxists as a tool with which to sell Marxism in America. The bottom line is, no person should be judged or treated differently because of the color of their skin, their ethnicity, or any biological trait that nobody has any control over. People who believe that an individual’s defining characteristic is their race are, by definition, racists. I believe in fighting racism wherever it exists.”

Rep. Boebert said:

“We are the United States of America, but Critical Race Theory wants to make us the Divided States of America. Democrats have always been after our children. They pushed for segregated schools in the 60’s, and now they’re pushing this Critical Race Theory in our schools which is nothing more than modern day racism. Democrats want to teach our children to hate each other. I’m proud to join my colleagues on this legislation and say hell no to this racist propaganda.”

Rep. Grothman said:

“Critical Race Theory is the vehicle du jour of people who want to destroy America by reviving racial tension that has largely subsided over the last five decades. It’s foundations are to scare ‘minorities’ into thinking the deck is stacked against them and create doubt about America’s greatness. While this theory is being espoused and fine-tuned in academia, people from all over the world—every inhabited continent—come to America and achieve the American dream. That’s the difference between theory and reality. I am proud to join Congressman Owens and thank him for being the tip of the spear on this critical issue.”

Co-Sponsors of the Bill include:

Reschenthaler (PA-14), Buck (CO-04), Tiffany (WI-07), Harshbarger (TN-01), Banks (IN-03), Grothman (WI-06), Cloud (TX-27), Good (VA-05), Kelly (PA-16), Brooks (AL-05), Allen (GA-12), Issa (CA-50), Rice (SC-07), Roy (TX-21), Babin (TX-36), Moolenaar (MI-04), Jackson (TX-13), Fallon (TX-04), Joyce (OH-14), Scott (GA-08), Cawthorn (NC-11), Boebert (CO-03), Perry (PA-10), Rouzer (NC-07), Green (TN-07), Bishop (NC-09), Mast (FL-18), Stewart (UT-02), Donalds (FL-19), Herrell (NM-02), and Jacobs (NY-27).

Co-Sponsors of the Resolution include:

Reschenthaler (PA-14), Buck (CO-04), Tiffany (WI-07), Harshbarger (TN-01), Banks (IN-03), Grothman (WI-06), Cloud (TX-27), Good (VA-05), Kelly (PA-16), Brooks (AL-05), Allen (GA-12), Issa (CA-50), Rice (SC-07), Roy (TX-21), Babin (TX-36), Moolenaar (MI-04), Jackson (TX-13), Fallon (TX-04), Joyce (OH-14), Scott (GA-08), Cawthorn (NC-11), Boebert (CO-03), Perry (PA-10), Rouzer (NC-07), Bishop (NC-09), Mast (FL-18), Stewart (UT-02), Donalds (FL-19), Jacobs (NY-27), and Harris (MD-01).


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