Owens Backs the Blue

WASHINGTON — Congressman Burgess Owens (UT-04) helped advance several key pieces of legislation out of the House of Representatives to support law enforcement in Utah and across the United States in honor of National Police Week.

Utah is the best state in the nation because of our law enforcement’s dedication to the highest standards of public safety and service,said Rep. Owens. “As our community mourns the passing of Sgt. Bill Hooser, we are reminded of the dangers our men and women in blue face every day to keep us safe. To every member of Utah law enforcement, thank you and God bless you.

Rep. Owens helped pass the following legislation:

H.R. 8146 – The Police Our Border Act

  • Requires the Attorney General to report detailed information on how Biden’s border crisis impacts our law enforcement, including exposure to dangers such as fentanyl and human traffickers, injuries sustained, financial burdens, and operational strains.

H.R. 354 – LEOSA Reform Act 

  • Broadens the ability of qualified active and retired law enforcement officers to carry concealed firearms in areas such as school zones, national parks, federal facilities open to the public, and state, local, or private property open to the public.

H.R. 7343 – Detain and Deport Illegal Aliens Who Assault Cops Act

  • Requires that illegal aliens who assault law enforcement officers are quickly arrested and detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) until they are removed from the United States. 

H.R. 7581 – Improving Law Enforcement Officer Safety and Wellness Through Data Act

  • Requires the Attorney General to assemble reports on violence against law enforcement officers and the effectiveness of programs meant to provide law enforcement with wellness resources and protective equipment in order to comprehensively enhance the safety of police officers. 

H.R. 7530 – DC CRIMES Act of 2024

  • Allows Congress to exert their oversight power over the D.C. Council and promote safety in Washington by blocking the Council’s pursuit of soft-on-crime sentencing and radical progressive policies.

H. Res. 1210 – Condemning the Biden border crisis and the tremendous burdens law enforcement officers face as a result

  • Condemns President Biden’s border crisis and the dangers and burdens it has created for America’s law enforcement officers, and urges the Biden Administration to support the law enforcement officers defending our homeland.

H.Res. 1213 – Condemning Calls to Defund the Police

  • Addresses violence against law enforcement officers by condemning calls for defunding police and anti-police sentiment that has increased violence against police
  • Acknowledges the mental and physical impacts such violence has on police and expresses condolences and appreciation to the families of fallen law enforcement officers.


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