Owens Appeals President Trump’s Colorado Ballot Disqualification

Jan 18, 2024

WASHINGTON – Rep. Burgess Owens (R-UT) joined House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-La.), Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.), and 175+ House and Senate Republicans in filing a Supreme Court amicus brief in the case Donald J. Trump v. Norma Anderson, et al

“At the heart of our democracy lies a fundamental freedom granted to American citizens – the right to vote,” said Rep. Owens. “This cornerstone of our democracy is currently under attack as the Colorado Supreme Court attempts to bar the appearance of President Trump, President Biden’s political opponent, on the ballot. Make no mistake: This is an unconstitutional challenge to the integrity of our electoral process that sets a dangerous precedent for the future, and it will not stand.”

In Trump v. Anderson, the U.S. Supreme Court is weighing whether former President Donald Trump should remain on the ballot in the State of Colorado, after the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that he should be removed, even though he is the current frontrunner to be the Republican Party’s presidential candidate. 

Click here to view the full amicus brief. 

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