Utah Leaders Champion Improvements to Local Postal Services

Did you know?

Only one post office covers all of Eagle Mountain, Lehi, and Saratoga Springs, servicing more than 100 square miles and over 157,226 Utahns. Having one post office service in all three areas poses extraordinary traffic, congestion, and safety issues for the residents of northern Utah County.

The Solution:

Utah’s local, state and federal officials are working with the USPS to find a community-driven solution to address the booming population increase in Utah County, and the resulting demand for the Lehi Post Office Building. The simple solution of leasing a new Post Office in northern Utah County would minimize issues our constituents are facing daily and will create solutions to future population challenges.

Additionally, H.R. 3076, the “Postal Service Reform Act,” passed the House and Senate and was signed into law earlier this year. This legislation includes a 10-year strategic plan for the United States Post Office. It is our hope that northern Utah County will be included in this plan to improve USPS service for the future and beyond.

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