Owens, Bill

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Owens Announces Results of 2012 Priorities Survey

Washington, Jan 26 -

Congressman Bill Owens announced today the results of his 2012 Priorities Survey, in which thousands of New Yorkers participated:

What do you believe should be the top priority of Congress in 2012?

Job Creation and Economic Growth (20.1%)
Reducing the Debt and Deficit (15.2%)
Passing a Farm Bill (2%)
Passing a Transportation Bill (2.2%)
Protecting Social Security & Medicare (14.6%)
Health Care (10.1%)
Immigration (5.6%)
Clean Energy / Protecting the Environment (10%)
Reducing Regulations on Small Business (7.5%)
Homeland Security (2.9%)
Supporting America's Military and Veterans (8.8%)
Other (1.1%)