Economy & Jobs
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Job creation and economic recovery are my top priorities in Congress.  As part of this effort, I travel across the district to meet with small businesses and community leaders looking for ways I can help support local economic development initiatives.  Whether it’s strengthening Fort Drum, supporting local industries like forestry and medical device manufacturing, improving the flow of people and goods across the Canadian border or promoting tourism initiatives, I am continually looking for opportunities to enhance the resources and good work already happening in communities across the district. 

Many communities have identified a number of ways to build upon their past success, including broadband build-outs, worker retraining, and infrastructure projects like I-98. I believe we can do more to further this effort, such as connecting skilled workers to unfilled jobs in the area and taking full advantage of our proximity to the Canadian border.

Agriculture and its supporting industries are also a vital part of our region’s economy.  New York is home to over 36,000 farms that generate more than $4 billion in economic activity annually. The diverse products they produce range from milk and cheese to apples, vegetables, poultry, meat, wine and maple.

We must do more to protect the middle class from higher taxes while providing incentives for companies to create jobs here at home.   As part of this, I support the call for a complete revision of the tax code to make it fairer and less complex, while eliminating loopholes that do nothing to help the middle class or create jobs here at home.

I also remain focused on renewing American manufacturing, which is key to a strong middle class.  Holding China accountable for unfair trade practices is critical to that mission, as is creating a level playing field for our manufacturing sector to compete in a thriving 21st Century economy. 

There is much work ahead to continue America’s road to a full economic recovery, and I look forward to working with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to continue this effort.

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